About SGT Peterson's

Why we do it

Inspiring continuous improvement through camaradarie and movement

We believe that everyone at your gym should know your name

We believe that you should sweat, jack up your heart rate, feel the burn, and be sore the next day after every workout

We believe in freedom from membership cards and long term contracts

We believe that workouts must be the most effective use of your time

We believe that 5 star service is an expectation not the exception

We believe that workouts should not be the same old thing because its boring for everyone

We believe in working out together, because it's easier to slack on your own

We believe the fitness industry is unjust and broken

We believe in changing our communities by setting the example. If you believe what we believe, try working out with us

Everything we do challenges the status quo, we believe in challenging the status quo.

The way we challenge the status quo is with a proven process for trainer development, and our proven workout process for fitness results

signed SGT Peterson

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