SGT PETERSON’S RETAIL GYM LOCATION CLOSING 1-31-201, due to SGT Peterson’s service connected disabilities.
Please email questions to , or call/ text SGT Peterson directly on his personal cell phone 612-281-4175. Trainers will still lead group workouts at gym by the front door, and by appointment outside of the gym. See calendar for times they will host, it will be $10 per workout cash paid directly to the trainer. They will not be working for SGT Peterson, but as independent contractors of James at Metabolic Machine. All unused personal training sessions will be honored according to original agreement.

6.5 YEARS.
SGT Peterson


SGT Peterson is leading Cardio Combatives in September!

Posted: 18th September 2014 by SGT Peterson in Articles

Starting 9-16-14 every thursday SGT Peterson will be leading Cardio Combative’s and Cardio Bootcamp! Come and play!


To all SGT Peterson Trainee’s and staff, past and present. Please read this whole email, I am sure you will find a great deal of value contained in it.

5 Levels of Performance, are you in Beast Mode?
Check out the TV in the gym, it has our 5 levels of performance. Which level are you? Which one do you want to be?

SGT Peterson’s is hiring full and part time-

If you know anyone that lives up to our core values of Service, Excellence, and Service please have them contact us for more info.
August Deals of the month-

— Save big on bootcamp. Buy 10 months of bootcamp get 3 free!

—Get 33% more Personal Training. Buy 45 minute PT sessions and get 60 minutes each time with a trainer.


— Earn $50.00 -$300.00 cash bonus for having a new friend come in and do and intro workout at SGT Peterson’s in August.
*restrictions apply

New and improved equipment comes with stricter enforcement of current policies:

—Please take off your outside shoes before you step onto the mats. We will be strictly enforcing our no outside shoes on the mats policy. We will have a way for you to sanitize your shoes if the bootcamp goes outside.

—Please do not bring things from the Personal training area in the the group workout area unless you are with a trainer. The Personal Training area is reserved for Personal Training only. The group workout area is free game, please come before our after group workouts. Use it as much as you like for warm ups, stretching, foam rolling and corrective exercise.

—Please do not enter the office are without a staff member present, the bathroom is for staff, and emergency’s only. Thank you for the help, in all we want to provide a clean, secure, and friendly environment so please don’t hesitate to grab one of us if we are in the office =)


Looking to partner with the top 5-10 apartments and condos in the north loop / downtown area. We would like to offer each of them a complementary bootcamp workout at their gym, and to do personal training onsite for their residents on request. We will be doing this with Heritage Landing in the near future, leading Self Defense workshops for them, and providing residents with 5 star personal training.

We are also looking to work with 5-10 athletes in the area to sponsor them with workouts to get ready for their next competitions. We are doing and have done with this with a few pro/amateur fighters, tough mudder national competitors, rugby, marathon runners,  softball players, triathletes, pro skiers, football  players, baseball players, etc.

You must be at level 3 performance level, verified by our staff in the last 90 days to qualify.

Clients- We have had some clients that have been away 3 or 4 years come back, and within a few weeks be relieved of pain that stuck with them the last 2.5 years. If you are one of these please right us a review on google maps, facebook, yelp etc.

Until next month, get your but in the gym or out on the road for a run and make it happen now because like taxes, winter is coming…

P.S. if your company, or group wants to workout with SGT Peterson at SGT Peterson’s, or at your organizations on site location please do to to request more information.



Decide for yourself, after reading this article from the Minneapolis Startribune. I have to say that this is, at least interesting enough to read.



You’re down in the dumps and the last thing you want to do is sweat through another bootcamp. We’ve all been there. If you’re trying to say that you haven’t had one of those days, then you’re either in denial or you’re new to the world of fitness and the novelty has yet to wear off- whatever the case, a little “pick me up” never hurts. This is all fairly simple stuff I’m about to tell you, but I think you’ll be thankful for the reminder and boost in motivation. Also, it’s helpful beyond your fitness regimen. Since we’re all about giving you “more than just a workout” here at SGT Peterson’s, we’d like to think that what we do here expands to the other realms of your life, outside of the gym. So here we go back to basics

  1. You can’t get where you want to go unless you know where you came from

This is about as basic as it gets. When you first set your goal, why did you do it? There had to be some sort of underlying reason. If there wasn’t emotion behind the goal that you desire to achieve, then there wouldn’t have been desire to set the goal in the first place. So when I say remember where you came from, I mean don’t forget about how you felt when when you first decided to make a change.

  1. Positive reinforcement

This is psychology 101; Old school stuff here, guys. We don’t need to get too technical. Basically, keep in mind that when you proceed to do what makes you feel good, you’re more inclined to continue this behavior. When you eat healthy, you feel better; hence, you’re inclined to keep eating well.

  1. Know how to set goals

So maybe you say the sky is the limit. And hey, you’re right! I’m not here to knock you down and tell you that’s not possible. But for now, let’s take it step by step. Too often people set goals that are farfetched and then they lose focus. Stick with something you can realistically make happen by the end of the week or maybe the end of the month. I’m not saying don’t set long-term goals, but for the purpose of this blog let’s stick to the short-term goals that are going to keep refilling your internal “get up ‘n go” flavored juice box.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use manipulation

Let me specify here: I’m not trying to tell you to con your friends in to joining a cult. I’m talking about manipulating your surroundings. Make sure you’re getting what you need to make your drive thrive! If you’re competitive, then compete. If you need a support system, then reach out to your friends. If you need to be held accountable, then start a blog. If you need  rewards to push yourself to your goal, then go buy some gold stars. Figure out what works for you and stick with it!


  1. Swallow your pride-it has zero calories

Let’s be real: life happens! And when it does, sometimes it might not be in your favor. Accept that reality means having an allowance for set-backs. The best thing you can do is to be prepared for these set-backs, because lord knows: they come at the worst times! So don’t let the tough times bruise your ego too badly. When the going gets rough, ALWAYS keep your loyalty to fitness, because it actually improves your mood and helps pick you up through the debbie-downers of life.

  1. Take care of yourself

Do you think Kirby Pucket could have won those two world series championships if he stayed up all night polishing off a case of beer before his races? Highly doubtful- and guess what? You’re no different when it comes to winning your race! To keep your natural energy high, always stay hydrated, get your 7-8 hours of sleep nightly, and nourish yourself with a high quality multi-vitamin as well as a balanced whole-foods based diet. Lastly, a little bit of caffeine (do not exceed 400 mg in a day) before a work out never hurts, either (;

  1. Save your breath for your soup

Quit talking about it and do it!




Baby Boomer Boot Camp is HERE!

Posted: 13th August 2014 by SGT Peterson in Articles

If you are a baby boomer and are interested in doing a appropriately challenging / safe bootcamp style workout with other boomers. Call 612-399-6080 or email for more information. Thank you!


August Deals at SGT Peterson’s

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August Deals at SGT Peterson’s-

Personal Training – Save 50% on personal training. Buy 30 minute personal training sessions, and your trainer will work you out you for 45 minutes. They get paid for 45 minute sessions, so the client really wins big! This is one of the only times we sell personal training under our rate card prices.

Boot Camp – Buy 5 months, get one month free. This is one of our most popular deals, that we only have 2-3 times a year do jump on it while it lasts. This can save you up to $110.00.

Bring a friend in for an intro workout, and get a comp Personal Training session from SGT Peterson $100.00 value.

Cardio Combatives or Top Gun Performance School. Buy 2 months get one free!


(Not) Running out of time?

Posted: 26th March 2014 by Ingrid in Articles

Does this sound like you? You set up your alarm for boot camp at 5:00am, your bed is extremely comfortable and warm, its -10 degrees outside and you decide to go to 5:15 boot camp instead.  By the time 4:45 rolls around, you get off work and your co workers ask if you want to grab happy hour. Putting off working out is a good way NOT to get fit.  Let’s work together at SGT Peterson’s to prevent this from happening.

1. Invite a friend. Befriending fellow boot campers, or even ask a friend to try it for the first time. This will hold you accountable.

2. Make positive changes for other positive changes to occur. Eat a healthy dinner the night before boot camp, or plan a healthy recovery meal for post work out.

3. Put your money where your mouth is. Book a few personal training sessions.  We hold ourselves much more accountable when money is on the line.  You don’t want to miss a session that you paid for, and you don’t want to let down your trainer.

4. Try to hit the 6:00 am workouts, you’ll find that there is a lot of time in the day. You will have a sense of achievement all day as well.You’re brain function will increase from more blood flow, and your endorphins will be going crazy! Hell, you might even fit in a second work out! (Going for a relaxing walk counts!)

5. Figure out what your excuses are for not working out. Do you need better time management? How many hours a day are you in front of the television (not planking)? What are you doing instead of working out?

6. Its only an hour. Seriously! One hour out of the day, and when you are done, you will feel great!

Health should be everyone’s top priority because without health, we cannot live up to our full potential. Don’t you want to put the best you forward?  Try to follow some of these time management tips and better yourself today.

-Ingrid :)


Boot Camper of the Month! Katherine Houdek

Posted: 12th March 2014 by Ingrid in Articles

What is your favorite thing to eat right before/after boot camp?

K: I don’t eat before, but after I like salmon salad, or I make a sweet potato smoothie with vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and milk.

Do you prefer Strength boot camps or Cardio?

K: Kickboxing is fun because you can get out stress.  I like the strength because I like seeing myself improve.

What music do you like to listen to during boot camp?

K: I wish you would play more of what I like. I like Depeche Mode and The Cure. :)

What is your favorite and least favorite boot camp exercise?

K: Least: army crawl Favorite: burpees

What are your words of advice for new boot campers?

K: Just keep coming because you’ll get better! Don’t look at the person next to you as intimidating.  Instead, use them!

Who is your favorite trainer?

K: I like everyone equally because everyone works me out in a different way.


Is there something to the Paleo Diet?

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