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Burrito Dilemma

Posted: 26th May 2010 by SGT Peterson in Diet and Nutrition

If there’s anything we love more than lifting heavy things and looking at our big muscles in the mirror (just kidding) it’s eating. I’m not talking about salads with dressing on the side and low cal crackers…we love anything with cheese, meat, “flaming sauce” and just about everything that comes with the reputation of “fast.” [...]


Star Trib Review

Posted: 19th May 2010 by SGT Peterson in News

Did anyone get a chance to read the review the Star Tribune did of our Minneapolis gym last week?  Glad to see our butt kicking methods are getting some street cred! “Nowhere does it burn more than at Sergeant Peterson’s boot camp. In a bare-bones basement gym near Lake of the Isles, former Army man [...]