Now that Mother Nature has unleashed her wrath of flood-producing rains on the gym not once, but TWICE, we have decided to flee from the smelly carpets, potential mold infestation and thousands of dollars spent on cleaning supplies and labor, and head toward greener pastures. But where are we going? And why would we dare move the gym again? To answer these burning questions simply: Not far, and because the new location is sure to please all.

After 9am boot camp on the 28th of August we will be packing up and shipping the gym a short 1.7 miles to its new home at 1313 Chestnut Ave, which we are confident will not bring us any trouble despite its unlucky address number. Our new space is a definite upgrade, because…

1) There is a shower in the building for those of you who need to rush off to work after a morning session or boot camp

2) You can say goodbye to parallel parking in neighborhoods by parking in the building’s very own parking lot

3) It has more square footage to accommodate those crazy full Winter boot camps

4) There are no large staircases :O (Although this pains our sadistic hearts, we know you all are jumping for joy)

So fear no more about another move, and prepare yourself for some flood-proof fun!