With the passing of Labor Day weekend comes pool closures and cooler temperatures, with a subsequent end to the swimsuit season. Furthermore, the long weekend brings about the start to yet another stressful school year. But this doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about working on or maintaining that beach bod. Let’s face it, the majority of you probably stopped by the “Great Minnesota Get Together” and had some of those 700 calorie cheese curds, so what better time than to pick up some workout tips to supplement or add to your personal training sessions and boot camps? As a general consensus, the mid region is one of the most difficult yet most desired areas to lose fat and tone up, so we found some tips that are suitable for anyone who wants to transform their tummy. Keep in mind, however, that without decent

cardio you will find it near impossible to get solid results from ab exercises.

1. Proper execution: Using only momentum from the upper body (throwing ones arms into the sit-up) results in the abs doing less work. The abdominals must be engaged throughout the full range of motion, meaning they must contract on the way up as well as

the way down in the sit-up.

2. Rest can be best: The abdominals respond best to high-intensity training, meaning the best results are achieved from more difficult or more engaged exercises and not necessarily more repetitions. After an intense ab workout it is best to give those muscles a day to regenerate and grow. This does not necessarily mean you cannot do abs every day, it means you need to mon

itor the effort used in them in order to see results.

3. Bicycle crunches are key: This type of exercise, when done properly (laying face up with right knee and left elbow moving toward each other, then switching), activates virtually every muscle in your mid-section. Feel free to ask one of our trainers how a proper bicycle crunch should be done, because they truly are effective.

4. Get on the ball: Stability or Bosu balls can make for a better abdominal workout. Why? When using a ball the exerciser has to work harder to stabilize the position, as well as work through a larger range of motion.

5. Working abs at work: You can actually get a decent ab workout at your desk job during the day. By inhaling, then exhaling as you pull your belly button toward the spine without hunching your shoulders forward the abs can get a great workout. This can also be done during an ab exercise. Keep in mind, however, that this is not simply sucking the belly in and out.

(Source: ”5 Secrets to Flat Abs.” Retrieved September 7th, 2010, from http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/strength_training/5_secrets_to_flat_abs)

STILL frustrated about getting those great abs? Or just angry about your new homework load? Or has office work piled up because you spent the weekend relaxing a bit too much? Well banging ones head against the wall is said to burn some 150 calories – Not that any of us are recommending this, but feel free to use at your own risk.

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