What comes to mind when you think of November? Most may say “Thanksgiving,” but here at Boot Camp we stuck to our military roots and said “Our current troops and Veteran’s.” For those of you who don’t get our newsletters or emails, we wanted to make sure the message about our November special got extended to our followers on the web. Starting at any given point this month, we are offering FREE BOOT CAMP FOR A MONTH to any immediate family member of our soldiers overseas. Better yet, with proof of orders we will extend the offer until that family member returns home. What better way to honor the hard work and dedication of our troops by putting in some hard work yourself at boot camp! So let us serve you while your loved ones serve us by coming in for the best workout you have ever had :)

In light of Veteran’s Day yesterday I also wanted to congratulate our clients who (to my knowledge) hold the current fitness test records. This is only from our training clients, so if any boot campers want to challenge these numbers let us know!

Pushups – Alex Erolin at 72

Wall Sit – Edie Berglund at 5:03

Sit ups – Brian Gill at 62

And finally, a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SEAN MULLEN and JARED SCHLOSSER this week!