“Fitness Clubs” requires no physical fitness program for their employees.

Everyone gets enough exercise jumping to conclusion, flying off the handle, running down the boss, knifing friends in the back, dodging responsibility and pushing their luck.

We require everyone to do bootcamp at least once per month. (Bear with me through this rant and you will understand the rest.)

If you want to work with people that work in these unjust organizations be my guest, go get a membership at your closest life sucking health club! They will sell you one, and they will be sure to get your membership dues whether you come or not.

At SGT Peterson’s “Its More Than Just A Workout” TM

­ We believe that everyone at your gym should know your name
­ We believe in freedom from membership cards and long term contracts
­ We believe that workouts must be the most effective use of your time
­ We believe that workouts should not be the same old stale thing, its boring
­ We believe in working out together, because its too easy to slack on your own
We believe the fitness industry is unjust and unbroken
­ We believe in changing communities by setting the example

If you believe what we believe, try working out with us

Everything we do challenges the status quo, we believe in challenging the status quo, and the way we challenge the status quo is with a proven process for trainer development, and our proven workout process for results.

We make great workouts that are the most effective for the use of your time. They will make you sweat, feel the burn, jack up your heart rate, and make you sore the next day.

Our workouts are 5 star, team building, military style workouts that can be done anytime or anyplace!
Don’t workout with us because I am asking you to, workout with us if you believe what we believe.
With that said, want to try a workout with us on the house?