Hello SGT Peterson’s loyal followers!

Because we believe in inspiring camaraderie between our staff and clients we would like to invite you all to this invitation only event. While no actual invitation is physically required to attend. Please consider that only current, and former SGT Peterson’s clients or team members may come with a significant othe

r. In addition to the people perviously mentioned, each guest is able to bring as many as 3 friends. Please RSVP on the facebook please. 
ood (burgers,hotdogs,chips) and drinks (water, beer, and soda) to buy. If the weather is bad we will be meeting a SGT Peterson’s to play games, eat, drink, and be merry! If you would like to help out with the event or have questions please email info@sgtpeterson.com. Usually people bring interesting dishes to share with everyone. By no means is this require but it is encouraged. We have four of these types of events each year, so keep your eyes open in the gym, on our facebook page, or on SGT Peterson’s blog for info on upcoming events.

P.S. If you are not into playing football, or you are hurt or injured please come anyway. We usually have 20-30 people just hanging out having fun. People often bring other games to play outside. If you are new to SGT Peterson’s you must come, or we will know you didn’t and make you do 100 burpees next time you come in for a workout =)

-SGT Peterson


Please register here facebook event