Hey guys, welcome back to more awesome ideas on how to involve exercise into your drinking regimen! Here are the rest of your tips:


Instead of sitting around at the table playing drinking games (if it’s THAT kind of party…), get up and play Simon Says! Shout off commands like “Simon says stand on one foot until you drink the rest of your drink” and keep your friends on their feet!


Invite your friends over for some good ol’ fashioned night games. Your neighbors will just think it’s the kids playing outside…but really, it’s you and some of your crazy friends playing ghost in the graveyard (or maybe even a risqué round of ding dong ditch!). Remember how you and your gangly friends used to run like Speedy Gonzalaz to sneak away after ringing your neighbor’s doorbell after 9 at night?

LAST (and probably best) idea:

If all else fails with your exercise party attempts, don’t be shy: Call me up, so I can surprise all your party guests and turn your party in to a backyard bootcamp. Just make sure your neighbors are cool with all my crazy commands, because I really don’t feel like getting a noise violation.

Thanks for joining us! I look forward to seeing you all at SGT Peterson’s soon so we can exchange stories about our exercise parties. Cheers and happy 4th of July!