Happy holidays everyone! Tis the season…to travel! Whether you’re going cross country or just to Packers territory, I wanted to help you stay in shape while you’re away from your trainer gobbling gingerbread cookies and gulping egg nog (hopefully with a splash of Brandy!). So cheers to the reindeer and we’re off like prancer and dancer as we dasher right in to these vixen tips…

Gallop like Comet

If you’re staying at a hotel, ditch the elevator and take the stairs. Why take them just once though? Make a full work out of it by lapping up and down the stairs for a full on work out. Take the stairs two at a time to double your intensity. (Dare I mention the time I did 101 flights of stairs instead of paying $25 to use a hotel’s gym one time?). For even more fun, remind yourself what it’s like to be a kid again by racing your family up the stairs (AKA “skyscraper runups”).

Race like Blitzen

If you can get access to a pool while you’re traveling (even if it’s not a lap pool), make sure to bring your swimsuit and get that heart rate galloping with some laps. Careful getting in the pool after too much Christmas brunch! If you need a break from swimming laps, try some active recovery while treading water. Make it entertaining by challenging the family to a water treading contest to see who can keep their head & neck out of water the longest!

No excuses- Not for Dancer!

Don’t be shy, get everyone off the couch and get Grandma up for some good ol’ boogyin’ before she has too many martinis!

Lift like Vixen

Left your dumbbells at home? No biggie, just have a gift guessing contest! Use the wrapped gifts as weights to do shoulder presses, front raises, woodchopper lunges, and weighted squats. By the end of the work out, you should be able to impress the whole fam-damily by guessing each gift.

Push-Ups for Prancer

Remember the old tip: “Drink one glass of water for each drink you have”? That’s a great tip for staying hydrated. But a great tip for staying strong is to do one set up push-ups after each gift you unwrap. You can switch up your push-ups by targeting your chest with standard form, targeting your triceps with a close grip, or targeting your shoulders & trapezius more by elevating your feet.


Alright my little holiday elves, that’s all for now. Since we’re all about giving you more than just a workout, we’ll be back with more on healthful holiday tips to help you break a sweat. Until then, thanks for joining and happy holidays from Sgt. Peterson’s!