Hey fitness fanatics! Glad you could make it back to learn more about what tools to surround yourself with in order to succeed. Hopefully you hooked up with a workout buddy or you’ve got a good start on your vision board as I suggested in the last post. If not though, here are some more ideas to help make staying fit easier.

You’ve all heard the tip of listening to good upbeat music while you work out to pump you up, but what about before your workout? I don’t know about you, but it seems like always I get a serious case of the yawns right before I work out (as if my body is trying to talk me out of the workout- ya right, nice try!). So I’ve created a special playlist to bump BEFORE my workouts to get my blood flowing before I even warm up! I recommend you do the same- try it and let me know how it works for you.

Remember the last time you went out and got some rockin’ new kicks to sport at the gym? Think about how excited you were to go try them out and show off those spiffy clean new shoes…nothing like new shoes, right? Or maybe if shoes aren’t really your thing, I’m sure there’s something out there that you could add to your workout wardrobe to get you amped to show it off at the gym. You can find some really excellent deals this time of year right after the holidays, so now is a great time to go hit up those clearance racks and get stoked about some new swag. Because when you look good, you feel good!

If all else fails- get literal. And by literal, I mean literally surround yourself with tools that will help you succeed. Keep some workout equipment on stock in your living room at all times. Never let yourself lounge on the couch before doing some dumbbell workouts or crunches on a stability or bosu ball. Just because you can’t meet with your personal trainer some days, doesn’t mean you can’t still make progress. Something that has worked for me is putting my treadmill in front of my TV, so that I jog or incline walk to my favorite TV series (what a great excuse to catch up on your favorite shows!). Heck, get ambitious by going the distance and catch a whole movie on the treadmill! If you’re really feeling like you need a slap in the face kind of motivation, then maybe you should just keep your treadmill/elliptical in your bedroom so you have to face it every day when you get out of bed-no excuses!

Now don’t wait for anyone to give you the thumbs up or a green light. Remember that you’re living on your time and this is your life. No one can make the changes for yourself except for you, so you might as well get going now. Even if it’s a slight change such as trying a morning workout instead of a night workout, it’s refreshing to keep not only your body on your toes but also your mind. Thanks for joining us…now go buy that new workout outfit or do some crunches in front of the TV!