Fat & unfit kids of today,

In this story it says that kids of today compared to kids of the seventies take 90 seconds longer to run one mile, that is crazy! The bad thing is I have seen this first hand. While coaching football at Minneapolis South Highschool, and leading the Sports Academy at MTS Highschool. Kids cardiovascular endurance his not very good at best. It has a great amount to do with more screen time. In the seventies kids only had a TV to watch with a few channels. Now they have ipods, iphones, ipads, computers, game consuls, youtube, and hundreds of cable channels.

With that said, my plan to fix this is to limit screen time, and your kids will be in much better shape. I do this with my son using this simple technique below. It has been my experience that less is more, and the simpler the plan, the better chance it will be followed, and the results will come when you fall in love with the process. Let me know what you think and have a great day!

30 minutes of screen time = 30 minutes of active time