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(Not) Running out of time?

Posted: 26th March 2014 by Ingrid in Articles

Does this sound like you? You set up your alarm for boot camp at 5:00am, your bed is extremely comfortable and warm, its -10 degrees outside and you decide to go to 5:15 boot camp instead.  By the time 4:45 rolls around, you get off work and your co workers ask if you want to [...]


Boot Camper of the Month! Katherine Houdek

Posted: 12th March 2014 by Ingrid in Articles

What is your favorite thing to eat right before/after boot camp? K: I don’t eat before, but after I like salmon salad, or I make a sweet potato smoothie with vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and milk. Do you prefer Strength boot camps or Cardio? K: Kickboxing is fun because you can get out stress.  I [...]