To all SGT Peterson Trainee’s and staff, past and present. Please read this whole email, I am sure you will find a great deal of value contained in it.

5 Levels of Performance, are you in Beast Mode?
Check out the TV in the gym, it has our 5 levels of performance. Which level are you? Which one do you want to be?

SGT Peterson’s is hiring full and part time-

If you know anyone that lives up to our core values of Service, Excellence, and Service please have them contact us for more info.
August Deals of the month-

— Save big on bootcamp. Buy 10 months of bootcamp get 3 free!

—Get 33% more Personal Training. Buy 45 minute PT sessions and get 60 minutes each time with a trainer.


— Earn $50.00 -$300.00 cash bonus for having a new friend come in and do and intro workout at SGT Peterson’s in August.
*restrictions apply

New and improved equipment comes with stricter enforcement of current policies:

—Please take off your outside shoes before you step onto the mats. We will be strictly enforcing our no outside shoes on the mats policy. We will have a way for you to sanitize your shoes if the bootcamp goes outside.

—Please do not bring things from the Personal training area in the the group workout area unless you are with a trainer. The Personal Training area is reserved for Personal Training only. The group workout area is free game, please come before our after group workouts. Use it as much as you like for warm ups, stretching, foam rolling and corrective exercise.

—Please do not enter the office are without a staff member present, the bathroom is for staff, and emergency’s only. Thank you for the help, in all we want to provide a clean, secure, and friendly environment so please don’t hesitate to grab one of us if we are in the office =)


Looking to partner with the top 5-10 apartments and condos in the north loop / downtown area. We would like to offer each of them a complementary bootcamp workout at their gym, and to do personal training onsite for their residents on request. We will be doing this with Heritage Landing in the near future, leading Self Defense workshops for them, and providing residents with 5 star personal training.

We are also looking to work with 5-10 athletes in the area to sponsor them with workouts to get ready for their next competitions. We are doing and have done with this with a few pro/amateur fighters, tough mudder national competitors, rugby, marathon runners,  softball players, triathletes, pro skiers, football  players, baseball players, etc.

You must be at level 3 performance level, verified by our staff in the last 90 days to qualify.

Clients- We have had some clients that have been away 3 or 4 years come back, and within a few weeks be relieved of pain that stuck with them the last 2.5 years. If you are one of these please right us a review on google maps, facebook, yelp etc.

Until next month, get your but in the gym or out on the road for a run and make it happen now because like taxes, winter is coming…

P.S. if your company, or group wants to workout with SGT Peterson at SGT Peterson’s, or at your organizations on site location please do to to request more information.