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Hey there,

If you’re originally from the Twin Cities, or you currently live here, you may or may not have heard of me. For the past few years I’ve been giving the Twin Cities area some of the most ridiculously effective, time efficient, and fat burning workouts around. I’ve been known to be one crazy dude.

Ok, so how am I able to get you in better shape than you’ve ever been in your life– to the point where family and friends might not even recognize you?

I am going going to expose the secret to getting people into better shape than they have EVER been in before in the shortest amount of time possible…

I’ve always been called crazy, adventurous, whatever you want to call it– ever since I was a kid. Naturally, the need to kick a** was pushed further into gear as I got older which lead to me joining the finest fighting force this world has to offer, the U.S. Army. There things really got really interesting as I got dragged around the globe to places like Norway, Sweden, South Korea, and Japan– Basically anywhere in the World you can imagine….

Here’s a picture of me freezing my balls off in Norway during some winter survival training!

SGT Peterson in Norway

I have to admit, the Army fed my appetite for adventure. There was always a party, a crazy place to go to– traveling half-way across the world can be a lot of fun. Along with this I spent years getting way too many certifications, training along side pro athletes such as Matt Birk from the Minnesota Vikings, Craig Titus, pro body builder, Bobby Jackson, NBA point guard, UFC Fighter Shawn Sherk, Minnesota Twin Joe Mauer, among countless other athletes as well as my regular Personal Training clients.

I had all this fitness knowledge from my personal training and military experiences just sitting around, I needed to start sharing it…

All of a sudden, my life came to a screeching halt. I NEEDED to spend more time with my family, I was getting out of the military, and I really needed to start doing something to bring some money in.

I took a lot of time to think carefully about what I wanted to do next… I had to do something quick.

Then I had a MAJOR epiphany– I had the expertise to get people in good shape, burn fat, get toned, all that good stuff… not only that, the military as well as my background as a fitness expert made me a fitness training MACHINE. I was able to give people some of the most intense and efficient workouts they’d ever had.

PLUS (though I hate to say I ever worked in these places) I had the experience of being an over-certified personal trainer who happened to have a lot of experience training people in the civilian world at large “corporate” gyms. The thought of working at another corporate gym where they couldn’t care less about their clients disgusted me. I WANTED TO CHANGE PEOPLE’S LIVES FOR REAL, not just scam them out of their money like a lot of other gym’s and “secret weight-loss programs.”

Ok, so here’s how I discovered the real secret to getting people in the best shape of their lives as quick as humanly possible…

While I was figuring out how to change people’s lives without succumbing to the pressure of working in a corporate setting, I decided I would give people workouts based on basic training tactics the military uses to get soldiers in combat ready shape in a matter of months. Using this and my combined knowledge and expertise gained through years of personal training, I came up with one of the most effective workouts for the use of a persons’ time… PERIOD.

I want to get people permanent weight-loss results… my programs are designed to cut through the bullshit and give people weight-loss and exercise programs that are designed to work PERMANENTLY– not just have you lose all of your weight ASAP only to have you gain it all back (plus some extra) within a month of quitting. At the company I currently own and operate (and yes, I still do train people), SGT Peterson’s Personal Training Solutions & Fitness Boot Camps, we offer some of the most efficient and effective workouts available in the Twin Cities area– we want to make it easier to get in the shape you’ve always wanted to be in, but we don’t want to make false promises– It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun, but the one thing we can guarantee is our programs will work for anyone, yes even you (no matter how in shape or out of shape you are).

This is a breath of fresh air for many people since there are so many scam artists and shysters out there with miracle weight loss products and programs. It is time to call out the FAKE PRODUCTS and SCAM ARTISTS in the fitness market and give people something EFFECTIVE and REAL.

This blog is designed to be a resource for you to use to aid you in your fitness journey. It also will help you keep up to date with what’s going on at SGT Peterson’s

About SGT Peterson

Ok, I admit, the idea of sharing some of our most valuable exercises and tactics that we use in our very own personal training programs as well as fitness boot camps makes me a little nervous, but I’m going to share them anyways. Why? Simple… I want to get you excited about fitness– I want you to have the power to lose weight, build self confidence, and achieve long term fitness (without spending HOURS at the gym every day working out). Throughout this blog you will find all sorts of weight-loss and exercise tactics to help you on your journey to getting in ridiculously good shape (and these tactics are proven to work and have worked for ALL of our serious clients…). I want to inspire you to start the journey to unbelievable results today.

Best of luck, Your friend and new Personal Trainer,

SGT Peterson your new Personal Trainer

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