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Join a group of people you want to be like, physically, and morally.


Fat & unfit kids of today, In this story it says that kids of today compared to kids of the seventies take 90 seconds longer to run one mile, that is crazy! The bad thing is I have seen this first hand. While coaching football at Minneapolis South Highschool, and leading the Sports Academy at [...]


Friends Workout At SGT Petersons Free

Posted: 4th November 2013 by SGT Peterson in News, Shenanigans, Tim's Blog

At SGT Peterson’s we believe in doing things differently. With that said, most gyms only give members incentives to get buddies to sign up. Well, we thought what can we do to “Inspire Continuous Improvement, Through Camaraderie and Movement” with “More than just a workout”. And this is what the elders of SGT Peterson’s came [...]


If your employer pays you to workout, what else can they pay you to do, legally? This is one of the many questions that may come out of reading this post and the attached article.  Should employee be able to raise the amount you pay for health insurance based on your health? What if you [...]


“More than just a gym workout” In 2013 many so called fitness companies are gaining steam, by adding many new locations with all kinds of different stuff. From the global mega gym Lifetime, to the other local company snap fitness adding fitness centers to truck stops. This is great if gives people more places to [...]


According to many new articles, and studies that have come out recently saying…


The City of Edina Park and recreation department has reached out to SGT Peterson’s to put on boot camps and some day speed / agility, and kickboxing workouts on at a few of its community centers. This will likely include us doing boot camps and speed / agility workshops for prospective trainers also. Who knows exactly were [...]


SGT Peterson’s Phase Three Run Workout

For anyone that has been in the Army, you know the dril. Crawl, Walk, Run. Run is when you can actually perform at a task, not master it but be able to do it decently. In the future I will also post my crawl, walk, sprint, and fly workouts check back each week..


Top 10 Funny Things In The Average Gym

There is always someone that has to walk around naked for far to long in the locker room.

2. The personal trainers are looking at themselves in the mirror, instead of looking at their clients!

3. The person at the front desk usually could be beat in an IQ test out by one of those kids on that 5th grade TV show.

4. The locker room is in the back, so you have to walk down the elise on the way there.

5. There is that one guy that comes in and grunts and yells before lifting a large amount on bench-press, and then he leaves!

6. There is one young lady that does obsessive amounts of cardio; we are talking like hours a day!

7. There is an old body builder that all of the guys want to look like when they are old, but they don’t look half that good and they are in there 20’s.

8. There is that guy(s) that is at the gym for like ¾ hours and you don’t even see them workout, but somehow they are huge???

9. There are women doing excessive legs exercises to “tone up”, only to build up those muscle and make their legs thicker!

Monday is International Bench Press Day!

At SGT Peterson’s I can promise you will never see any of these.


Because we believe in inspiring camaraderie between our staff and clients we would like to invite you all to this invitation only event.