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We're less of a 9 to 5 and more of a calling

Working at SGT Peterson's is much different than at any other gym. Whatever you do here, you play a part in creating some of the best workout experiences in the world. It's more of a mission than a job; we call it the experience of a lifetime.

Help change the fitness world

Our objective is to make an impact by inspiring continuous improvement. Like when someone experiences their first workout at SGT Peterson's, or brings a friend to boot camp for the first time. It's an experience like none other on earth. Making it all happen can be hard work. And you could probably find an easier job someplace else, but what's the point in doing that?

Part of a team that is motivated, dedicated, and can't be stopped

Whether you want to be a rock star personal trainer, to build relationships with customers or to run a world class boot camp, we’re looking for the best. People who are smart, creative, up for any challenge and incredibly passionate about what they do. We have positions from intern to full time professional available ongoing, and we recruit people who are enthusiastic about making an impact on other people’s lives.

Explore the process, we'd love to meet a talented person like you

You’ve got talents; we’ve got some great ways for you to use them. You may even discover an area of expertise that you never thought of before. Apply now for a dream job below.

To begin your career application process at SGT Peterson's complete your personal information to the right and select your ideal position. We've got a couple questions that will help us get to know you.

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