SGT Peterson Core Values

Service to others before self

Service before self tells us that professional duties take precedence over personal desires. At the very least it includes the following behaviors:

• Rule following. To serve is to do one’s duty, and our duties are most commonly expressed through rules. While it may be the case that professionals are expected to exercise judgement in the performance of their duties, good professionals understand that rules have a reason for being, and the default position must be to follow those rules unless there is a clear, operational reason for refusing to do so.

• Respect for others. Service before self tells us also that a good leader places their people ahead of his/her personal comfort. We must always act in the certain knowledge that all persons possess fundamental worth as human beings.

• Discipline and self-control. Professionals cannot indulge themselves in self-pity, discouragement, anger, frustration, or defeatism. They have a fundamental moral obligation to the persons they lead to strike a tone of confidence and forward-looking optimism.

More specifically, they are expected to exercise control in the following areas:

· Anger. Our professionals—and especially leaders at all echelons—are expected to refrain from displays of anger that would bring discredit upon themselves and/or SGT Peterson’s.

• Faith in the system. To lose faith in the system is to adopt the view that you know better than those above you in the chain of command what should or should not be done. In other words, to lose faith in the system is to place self before service. Leaders can be very influential in this regard: if a leader resists the temptation to doubt ‘the system’, then subordinates might follow suit.

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  • July 22, 2014 - Cardio Boot Camp 6:30PM - 7:30PM - Doug
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    Dynamic Warm Up Phase 1 _____/3 Must use continuous, high-intensity, cardio, agility and/or kickboxing exercises with no MMF Water Break _____/1 Phase 2: _____/3 Must use continuous, high-intensity, cardio, agility and/or kickboxing exercises with no MMF Water Break _____/1 Phase 3 _____/3 Must use continuous, high-intensity, cardio, agility and/or kickboxing exercises with no MMF Practicality/safety _____/3 (all or nothing) Workout must be balanced AND safe Every push up or shoulder press must be opposed with a mid-back exercise at some point Exercises requiring agility, stability and/or using plyometric motions must be done prior to bringing that muscle to MMF No trapezius exercises Workout must contain at least one rotator cuff exercise Workout must contain at least one glute/core strengthening exercise Dynamic Cool Down

  • July 23, 2014 - Top Gun Performance 7:30PM - 8:45PM - Doug
    Time and details - SGT Peterson's Directions?
    See the video GT Peterson guarantees you will get quicker, faster, stronger, and or jump higher in 30 days, or we train you until you do! 14 year plus veteran Sergeant (SGT) of the US Air Force and current US Army Sergeant (SGT) Peterson, and his five star staff including Chris Johnson former NFL Middle Linebacker for the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, and former Captain of the SDSU South Dakota State University Jackrabbits. Lead speed & agility performance workouts that are the most effective workout for the time. SGT Peterson's Proven Process for Performance is largely inspired by his multiple trips to the world famous Parisi Speed School in Fairlawn, NJ where he consulted with Bill Parisi himself in 2008. 2006-2008 SGT Peterson was the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for Minneapolis South Football, and was a Varsity Football Assistant Coach. His proven process has produced the winner of the 2009 Tampa Marathon, a 2009 World Pound Hockey Champion, MN State Champion competitor Track Athletes, multiple Minneapolis All City Football Players, US Soldiers, US Airman, US Sailors, and US Marines. SGT Peterson's first athletic trainer was perennial All Pro Center, and former Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Matt Birk (Minnesota Vikings, and Baltimore Ravens). With that said, lets look at the ways you can get working on your quickness, strength, agility and jumping ability today!

  • July 23, 2014 - Boot Camp 6:00am- 7:00am Marina
    Time and details - Directions?

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